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The Trio Solution is a full-service model providing solutions to injured persons, healthcare providers, and the law firms representing clients involved in a personal injury claim. For the last 20 years, we have helped injured people access healthcare and financial resources ahead of their personal injury settlement, provided healthcare facilities with consistent accounts receivable revenue, and law firms to meet their client’s needs. The Trio Solution understands the unique challenges our customers face, and we’re here to help navigate them with empathy and expertise.


At Trio, our mission is clear: to provide a tailored, trusted, and total solution.

We are dedicated to delivering seamless and compassionate financial support to individuals and healthcare providers. Trio is committed to empowering our clients to access the care they need while ensuring healthcare professionals can focus on treatment plans. Together, we’re shaping a future where healthcare is a source of relief, not stress.

Your well-being is our purpose, and your trust is our greatest reward.


Our vision at Trio is to be the foremost trusted partner in creating a seamless channel between the legal and medical worlds.

We aim to deliver seamless and empathetic solutions that empower unparalleled operational efficiency, excellence in patient care, and successful outcomes.

We remain a driving force behind positive, life-changing outcomes for clients, attorneys, and healthcare providers alike. Our commitment to innovation, compassion, and support will continue to shape the future of medical and pre-settlement funding, making it more accessible and efficient for all.

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