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The Trio Solution is a full-service model providing solutions to injured persons, healthcare providers, and the law firms representing clients involved in a personal injury claim. For the last 20 years, we have helped injured people access healthcare and financial resources ahead of their personal injury settlement, provided healthcare facilities with consistent accounts receivable revenue, and law firms to meet their client’s needs. The Trio Solution understands the unique challenges our customers face, and we’re here to help navigate them with empathy and expertise.


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Is your client in need of medical care but cannot afford it or need funds to cover expenses prior to case resolution? Trio will help navigate both.

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Treat patients without worry of delayed or uncollectible receivables. Trio offers customized solutions to monetize receivables for one patient or an entire portfolio.

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Do you have an active personal injury case and need to bridge a financial gap while you pursue your claim? We can help you with medical care and money to cover personal expenses.

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